Expensive prototypes, heavy machine parts, vacuum pumps, highly sensitive measuring devices – whatever you want to get to the end of the world: prosafeBox® is your first choice when conventional solutions for industrial packaging are not acceptable.


Best quality is guaranteed

For high-security transport of your valuable and precious goods you don’t simply want packing. What you need is a long-term reliable and safe transport solution. prosafeBox® transport boxes have an operating lifetime of 8 – 10 years. We offer guarantee of availability and one-year’s price stability. No disappointments! Quality is always guaranteed, and agreed deadlines are always met.

Made-to-measure precision

We are working accurately – even in the range of one tenth of a millimetre. prosafeBox® is industrial packaging with customized, individually constructed mounting devices, special damping units to balance horizontal and vertical vibrations and protective hoods for transport.

Customized special solutions

From individual item to small series. From the handy box for the dispatch of processors to the transport box for boat propellers in EURO pallet format – every prosafeBox® is different. And every  box can be customized by individual imprints and labels. We will find a solution for every special transport problem. For sure!